About us

  • Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist
  • Microsoft Certified Professional

Here at the Docherty Partnership we aim to provide the highest quality of expertise in the XAL product to ensure that our clients maximise their return on investment. We take a Partnership approach to working with all of our clients, recognising that our success is based on their success. We treat their business with the same dedication and passion as we do our own.

Building on over 50 years experience leading the UK’s most successful XAL implementation and support teams, we are pleased to offer our services to clients new and old, from versions 2.6 to 3.8, regardless of database platform.

Since forming in 2005 as an independent service and support provider, we have helped clients to:

  • implement new application modules to meet their changing business requirements
  • develop enhanced functionality to extend the standard capabilities of XAL
  • integrate with external web-based tools and applications for remote and in-field users
  • upgrade to the very latest versions of XAL to ensure full compatibility with the latest version of Windows
  • migrate from XAL to parent company systems following acquisition including Oracle and SAP
  • provide clients with an annually reviewed 10 Year Plan to ensure long-term stability and support for their XAL implementation