History of XAL

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From Concorde XAL to Microsoft XAL, the XAL product has a long history of professional development, resulting in the flexible, feature-rich application that has allowed clients to benefit from it’s pedigree while maintaining links with developing technologies.

2022 The Docherty Partnership develop a streamlined version of the Service Management Module aimed at smaller service companies. 

* Simplified Service Management Module *

2021 The Docherty Partnership extend the MTD VAT Module to meet the legislative requirements for the Construction Industry VAT Reverse Charged Scheme. 

* Construction Industry VAT Reverse Charge *

2020 The Docherty Partnership develop integration with Causeway’s Tradex platform to automate invoice processing for construction industry clients. 

* Causeway Tradex integration *

2019 The Docherty Partnership develop integration with Square EPOS solutions for retail clients. 

* Square EPOS integration *

2018 The Docherty Partnership develop automated integration with HMRC to meet the requirements for the Making Tax Digital legislative changes taking effect in 2019. 

* Making Tax Digital VAT integration *

2017 The Docherty Partnership develop XML integration with UPS, TNT and other international carriers to automate volume despatch processes for clients. 

* Third party carrier integration *

2016 The Docherty Partnership develop a new version of the Product Configurator module to greatly simplify the implementation process while providing integration with the document module for producing customised engineering drawing packs. Building on the years of consultancy and training expertise with the XAL product, the Docherty Partnership revise the successful suite of XAL training courses for the benefit of new and existing customers. 

* Enhanced product configurator *

* XAL Training Programme *

2015 The Docherty Partnership expand upon the standard MRPII functionality to enhance impact reporting of supply chain delays. Completion of integration with SAP for multi-national client supply chain partners. 

* Enhanced MRP supply chain reporting *

* SAP supply chain integration *

2014 The Docherty Partnership expand their international support capability to support XAL implementations in Estonia and Latvia. Completion of new version of E-Documents module, reducing cost and speeding roll-out of automated bulk emailing to SME clients in additional formats including PDF. EMCS integration added for movement of controlled substances within the EU. 

* E-Documents 2014 released *

* EU Trade Module expanded to incorporate EMCS compliance *

2013 The Docherty Partnership expand their international support capability to support XAL implementations in China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Spain and North America.
2012 The Docherty Partnership complete international development projects introducing parent company control for international subsidiaries. Hippo IT awarded sole technical partner position. 

* EU Trade Module expanded to incorporate DESTATIS compliance * 

2011 The Docherty Partnership complete development of an integrated module designed for the Hospitalty Sector. Fully functional inline booking system integrates with external online booking systems such as Booking.com and LateRooms.com 

* Hospitality Module released *

2010 Microsoft Dynamics C5 2010 released. XAL kernel continues development in Denmark with original development team.
2009 Microsoft Business Solutions end active development of XAL product. Development of kernel continues under Microsoft Dynamics C5. Microsoft XAL 3.8 released with certified compatbility with MS SQL 2005, 2008. The Docherty Partnership develops the E-Documents Module enabling XAL to produce HTML formatted documents for Sales, Purchase, Debtor and Creditor Documents individually or in bulk, generating automated emails direct from XAL. 

* Microsoft XAL 3.8 released *

* E-Documents Module released *

2008 The Docherty Partnership complete an upgraded development of the Warehouse Management Module to provide hand-held stock-taking, dynamic picking and put-away, together with barcode enabled production order processing to supplement standard XAL functionality, providing multi-warehouse, multi-location functionality in a low-cost solution. 

* Warehouse Management Module released *

2007 Microsoft rebuild XAL kernel files on the .NET platform and Visual Studio platforms. The Docherty Partnership develop a Service Management Module for XAL enabling real-time data capture and enquiry capabilities from remote service engineers. 

* Microsoft XAL 3.7 released – Vista compatible *

* Service Management Module released *

2006 The Docherty Partnership develop an Estimating Module for XAL to manage version control of complex estimates, through manufacturing and purchasing to customer delivery. Successfully implemented to manage multi-million pounds PFI sales with clients. 

 * Contract Estimating Module released *

2005 The Docherty Partnership establish the UK’s leading independent XAL service provider. Building upon their years of experience, a Website Integration Module is developed and released enabling integration with clients own online ordering systems, together with electronic file interchange for Intrastat and EU Sales List. 

* Microsoft XAL 3.54 released – MS Office integration *

* Website Integration Module released *

* EU Trade Module released *

2004  * Microsoft XAL 3.53 released *
2003 Microsoft release their first branded version of XAL including XML integration with Microsoft Sharepoint. 

 * Microsoft XAL 3.52 released  – XML integration, user-interface upgraded *

2002 Microsoft Corporation acquires Navision A/S forming Microsoft Business Solutions. Combined ERP products include Damgaard XAL, Damgaard Axapta, Navision Financials, Great Plains and Solomon. 

The Docherty Partnership team merge the expertise from Quorum Systems Limited and Hugur UK Limited to establish a UK centre of excellence for the UK product.

* Navision XAL 3.51 released – user interface upgraded *

2001 Navision integrate existing add-on modules to standard product, confirming official reseller development channel for XAL product. 

* Damgaard XAL 3.1 released – CRM Module, Fixed Assets Module, Product Configurator Module,  Document Management module *

2000 Navision Software A/S merge with Damgaard A/S to form NavisionDamgaard A/S, later rebranded Navision A/S. Combined ERP products include Damgaard XAL, Damgaard Axapta and Navision Financials. 

* Damgaard XAL 3.0 released – global source code *

1999 Damgaard A/S ends the millenium with 11 international subsidiaries, distributors in 29 countries and over 75,0000 installations worldwide. Strategic alliances include Microsoft, Oracle, Compaq, and IBM. Concorde XAL rebranded Damgaard XAL. 

The Docherty Partnership team continues to develop the application, ensuring millenium implementation and upgrade projects are delivered on schedule.

* Damgaard XAL 2.80 released – user interface upgraded *

1998 Damgaard acquired IBM’s share in Damgaard International to better develop European markets. 

The Docherty Partnership team receive top XAL European reseller award from Damgaard in recognition of the number of successful implementations since the team was formed. 

* Concorde XAL 2.70 released – Euro-compliance accredited *


Damgaard International enter into the US market, establishing offices in Atlanta, Georgia.

* Concorde XAL 2.65 released – UK only *


1996 Damgaard International form XAL Services Ltd in the UK. Based in the Coventry, XAL Services begin to develop XAL for the UK market. 

The Docherty Partnership team gain accreditation with XAL Services and begin implementing XAL with clients across the UK.

* Concorde XAL 2.60 released *

1995 Damgaard release Concorde C5 in Denmark, based on the XAL programming language environment and XAL kernel. Concorde C5 becomes Danish mass-market equivalent to Sage in UK.
1994 IBM and Damgaard form Damgaard International A/S with equal 50% shareholding to explore international markets and develop a globalisation programme for the XAL application.
1991 Damgaard release Concorde XAL based on the XAL development environment (eXtended Application Language), a unique flexible 4GL programming language specifically designed for the creation of business application software. XAL is released with full source code allowing the reseller community to develop a wide range of specialised modules and vertical solutions for a range of industries.
1986 Damgaard release Concorde Finance (later renamed C4) providing full network-supported Enterprise Solutions. Concorde Finance provides resellers and companies the ability to tailor the solution to their specific requirements.
1983 Preben and Erik Damgaard form Damgaard A/S to develop Integrated Enterprise Solutions and release PC-based accounting software.