• Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist
  • Microsoft Certified Professional

From the earliest versions of XAL, we have had first-hand experience of the widest range of implementation environments and know how XAL meets changing technical requirements over the years.

XAL is implemented across a range of operating systems, both Unix and Microsoft based, and across a range of database platforms, including it’s own proprietary Native database, Microsoft SQL and Oracle. We are able to provide full support for the product across these environments, with the benefit of years of experience in seeing how these environments have developed.

Our experience in integrating XAL with external systems, with varying hardware technologies including handheld and wireless devices, and with external websites both client specific and at a national level give us the capability to ensure that our clients always benefit from advances in technology.

Our partnership approach to working with clients over the years allow us to provide advice and expertise on a range of technologies and how these have been applied to deliver measurable business benefits.