About XAL

  • Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist
  • Microsoft Certified Professional

Developed in 1991 by Damgaard A/S, and first launched as Concorde XAL, the XAL product is regarded by consultants and clients alike as one of the most successful products they have been involved with.

Originally developed as a 4GL programming language (eXtended Application Language), the power of the development environment was quickly realised with the creation of the core financial modules, creating a product in Denmark to rival the success of Sage in the UK in the small business market.

Adopting an open-source approach to it’s development, Damgaard provided accredited VAR’s (Value Added Resellers) full access to the application source code, enabling them to apply their business knowledge and experience to the development of additional modules.

This allowed the product to quickly develop fully functioning Sales and Purchase Order Processing modules, then into MRP, Production Planning and Project Modules. Since then a number of additional modules have been added including Fixed Assets, Document Management, CRM and E-commerce.

In addition to these generally available modules, The Docherty Partnership also develops exclusive modules including Website Integration, Contract Estimation, Warehousing, Hospitality, EU Trade, Service Management and E-documents.